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Avoid Traffic Tickets in Rainy Weather

The record rains in Colorado this week as well as the rain here in San Antonio are the perfect reminder to always drive safe and Avoid Traffic Tickets in Rainy Weather. How to Avoid Traffic Tickets in Rainy Weather. The first step to Avoid Traffic Tickets in Rainy Weather, is to be sure to check the weather before you leave. This could be as simple as looking out the window when you are leaving the office or checking the weather online. The WOAI Stormwatch and 5 day forecast from the Weather Channel will always have up to date information. Remember if the weather Continue reading

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Flat Rate $150*

* Plus court assessed court costs

  • Avoid a traffic court visit
  • Save Time
  • Protect your driving record
  • Reduced fines in most cases
  • Reduced probation time in most cases

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