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Driving Safety School Avoiding Deer

Hello readers and welcome to the new Driving Safety School. We at Traffic Ticket San Antonio are committed to bringing you important safety information. So we have created the Driving Safety School to update you on important information that will help keep you safe while driving. Driving Safety School will cover a wide variety of topics that are related to getting you safely from Point A to Point B. Please feel free to leave a comment on topics you would like to see discussed. Today’s lesson “Driving Safety School Avoiding Deer”. What you need to know about Driving Safety School Avoiding Deer.  A recent Continue reading

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Top Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets

Everyone at Traffic Ticket San Antonio wants two things for our readers. We want our readers to be safe while driving and we want our readers to avoid costly tickets and citations. A recent Yahoo article offers some Top Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets. What are the Top Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets? Some of the Top Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets offered in the article include: 1. … to have situational awareness. If traffic slows, there’s a reason. 2. Be ready for anything. There are speed traps [everywhere] 3. If you are pulled over, keep quiet. Antagonists get the most tickets. We are big fans of Continue reading

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Dangerous Higher Speed Limits

It is important to be aware of Dangerous Higher Speed Limits in Texas and across the United States. A recent KENS 5 article outlines the dangers of higher speed limits on road and the impact this has on traffic safety ever since the repeal of federal lower speed limits. What you need to know about Dangerous Higher Speed Limits.  Critics of Dangerous Higher Speed Limits are warning about the impact this is having on safety. The critics say that Dangerous Higher Speed Limits are not seen as a threat in the same way as drunk driving or distracted driving. The article notes that: nearly Continue reading

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