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2013 San Antonio Warrant Roundup

The 2013 San Antonio Warrant Roundup is just around the corner. Beginning March 4th, 2013 the San Antonio City Marshall’s Office along with the San Antonio Police Department, Bexar County Sheriff’s office and other local law enforcement agencies will begin the process of picking up individuals with outstanding traffic ticket warrants and other Class C misdemeanors. In 2012, the local San Antonio Warrant Roundup cleared more than 26,000 outstanding warrants.  This year the goal is stated to be a factor of almost ten times that – 250,000 outstanding warrants.  That’s right, law enforcement agencies supposedly hope to clear 250,000 outstanding traffic ticket Continue reading

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Traffic Ticket Fine Paid with Pig-Shaped Dollars

What?  That’s okay, let us explain.  In a YouTube video posted by Bacon Moose, Mr. Moose attempts to pay his fine with Dunkin’ Donuts boxes filled with 137 dollar bills folded, Origami-style, into little pigs.  Apparently, Bacon Moose was trying to show his disdain for a traffic ticket he had previously received and simultaneously pay homage to police stereotypes (if it hasn’t hit you yet- pigs and donuts) when he attempted to hand the piggies over at the municipal court.           The clerk in Moose’s YouTube video is obviously nonplussed, but the police officer whom the clerk calls over actually Continue reading

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Knowing a good traffic ticket lawyer can come in handy because speeding tickets are not the only traffic tickets that are frequently issued here in the San Antonio area. Getting a ticket camera violation is not only cause for a headache and more stress; a San Antonio red light camera ticket can also bring with it very heavy and unnecessary traffic ticket fines. Many cities and smaller municipalities, such a Balcones Heights, Texas are installing red light cameras and speed cameras at various intersections in an effort to promote “traffic safety.”  Seriously?  Safety?  People slow down when they see a Continue reading

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We here at TrafficTicketSA would like to take it upon ourselves to wish you a very happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. We know we’re a week early, but with Christmas music already blaring in the stores, the news talking about how retailers are gearing up for Black Friday, and Starbucks rolling out their menu of holiday drinks and goodies, it’s hard to deny the fact that the holiday season is in full swing and already upon us.  Of course, we want to encourage you not to get a San Antonio traffic ticket on Thanksgiving and remind you to call Continue reading

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Louisiana Traffic Ticket Lawyer | Speeding Tickets | Baton Rouge

Traffic tickets in Louisiana are big business.  Tens of thousands of traffic tickets are given out all over the state every year.  It is pretty well known that our neighbor to the east has awful highways, but that doesn’t stop law enforcement from raising revenue through issuing speeding tickets and other traffic citations. Not only are Louisiana traffic tickets given out frequently, they are expensive.  A speeding ticket for driving just 10 miles an hour over the speed limit can cost hundreds of dollars.  Given the high fine amount and fact many interstate drivers are just passing through Louisiana on Continue reading

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