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BREAKING NEWS: Traffic ticket lawyer in San Antonio Texas Blogs about Traffic Ticket Attorneys, Speeding Tickets, CDL and MIP ticket defense. CALL 210-745-0144.

I got a call this afternoon from my lovely wife. She sounded a bit distraught, so I immediately got worried. With all the rain in San Antonio, I thought maybe she had an accident in her new SUV. I’m glad to report it was nothing so serious. Instead, she informed me she’d just received a traffic ticket from a San Antonio Police officer. She was allegedly driving a little over the speed limit and was issued a speeding ticket. She was worried I’d be angry. Continue reading

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Speeding tickets in San Antonio are common and almost every one of us will get pulled over sooner or later. You have a choice to pay the speeding ticket outright (called a straight pay) or hire an experienced San Antonio speeding ticket lawyer. Simple truth is, paying the fine, along with the increase in your insurance premiums and possible surcharges for the points added to your driving record can cost much more than hiring one of our San Antonio speeding ticket lawyers. The Coquat Law Firm is one of only a very few firms in San Antonio that has attorneys Continue reading

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