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Knowing a good traffic ticket lawyer can come in handy because speeding tickets are not the only traffic tickets that are frequently issued here in the San Antonio area. Getting a ticket camera violation is not only cause for a headache and more stress; a San Antonio red light camera ticket can also bring with it very heavy and unnecessary traffic ticket fines. Many cities and smaller municipalities, such a Balcones Heights, Texas are installing red light cameras and speed cameras at various intersections in an effort to promote “traffic safety.”  Seriously?  Safety?  People slow down when they see a Continue reading

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Texas Tollway SH 130 Opens Ahead of Schedule

Whether you’re from Texas or if you have only been living in Texas for a little while, you have probably noticed that drivers in Texas like doing two things: driving big vehicles and driving those big vehicles VERY fast. It should come as no surprise, then, that Texas Department of Transportation recently opened the new SH 130 Texas tollway project ahead of schedule: a stretch of highway that features the nation’s highest posted speed limit at 85 mph. SH 130 Texas Tollway Fees While SH 130 is now available for drivers who want to travel north from San Antonio, and Continue reading

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TAKING A SAN ANTONIO DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE Let’s be honest: getting a San Antonio speeding ticket can ruin your day, and having to go to court when you’ve never gotten or don’t usually get a speeding ticket can be nerve-wracking. It’s natural that many people who get speeding tickets elect to take a San Antonio defensive driving course and be done with it.  However, taking defensive driving in San Antonio can provide its own set of problems. Even if you choose to take a defensive driving course, you still must plead no contest to the ticket.  Did you know that Continue reading

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I am a San Antonio traffic ticket attorney.  If you’ve ever gotten a speeding ticket in San Antonio, you’ve probably looked at the ticket and wondered why and how the San Antonio speeding  ticket fees can be so high.  As it turns out, local laws provide  a formula the San Antonio Police Department uses to determine how much to charge drivers for a San Antonio speeding ticket. As reported by, a website designed by motorists for other motorists who have received various types of traffic violations, the formula used in the City of San Antonio to determine most San Antonio Continue reading

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San Antonio is a city that prides itself on being a top tourist destination. Every year hundreds of visitors come to enjoy the Alamo and have dinner at the many restaurant offerings along the San Antonio Riverwalk.  However, most San Antonio natives don’t find it easy to enjoy the Alamo City’s tourist attractions.  Just try going down to the Riverwalk.  Trying to find parking anywhere in downtown San Antonio can be an absolute nightmare. Because San Antonio is such an old city, with a downtown that built up well before the advent of cars, there simply is not much room Continue reading

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