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THIS IS A GUEST BLOG WRITTEN BY ISRAEL ROTHERMAN – THE VIEWS AND OPINIONS EXPRESSED HEREIN DO NOT NECESSARILY REFLECT THE OPINIONS OF THE COQUAT LAW FIRM. Texas is one of the top states for issuing traffic tickets, especially in San Antonio, Bexar County, Comal County, and Guadalupe County.  Law enforcement will swear up and down they don’t have quotas and their practices aren’t predatory, but just drive through Texas and notice how often you see unmarked or barely marked patrol cruisers hiding deep on the road’s shoulder, just over hills, in the shadow of an overpass or behind a clump Continue reading

Many victims of traffic tickets in San Antonio and Bexar County want to fight their traffic tickets but don’t have the time to do it. They also believe hiring a traffic ticket lawyer is too expensive. So, they often pay their traffic ticket outright and in full. BAD IDEA!

Paying a SAPD or Bexar County Sheriff speeding ticket outright can have several negative results. A conviction is recorded on your permanent driving record. Your insurance company can find out about the speeding ticket and either increase your rates or even drop your insurance coverage. A trip to the courthouse to pay your speeding ticket often results in several hours of lost work or vacation time. Ultimately, paying your speeding ticket fine in full is often more expensive than the total cost of paying one of our speeding ticket lawyers and the reduced fines and fees we negotiate down for you.


The Coquat Law Firm charges a flat, up front legal fee of $150.00 per traffic ticket citation. One of our traffic ticket lawyers then travels to the courthouse and negotiates with a prosecutor, judge or both to reduce your fines and to keep the traffic citations off your permanent driving record. The client then pays only the amount of reduced fine assessed by the court.

Speeding Traffic Ticket | No Insurance Traffic Ticket | Cell Phone Traffic Ticket | Invalid License Traffic Ticket

Failure to Appear for a Traffic Ticket | Expired Registration Traffic Ticket

Fore more information on different traffic ticket citations be sure to check out our blog.

We can also help CDL Tickets as well as with getting an occupational license.

GUARANTEE: If a traffic ticket lawyer from The Coquat Law Firm is unable to secure either a reduced fine, reduced probation or defensive driving course for the client, the full legal fee will be refunded.

Speeding Ticket Client Testimonials

K. Howard, Bexar Cty., Pct. 3:

Mr. Coquat got my daughter’s traffic ticket totally dismissed. He noticed the Bexar County Sheriff who issued the traffic ticket near Bulverde Rd. filed it in the wrong precinct.He got the ticket thrown out of court and I only paid $150.00, total!

H. Moncada, San Antonio:

I got a pretty hefty speeding ticket while test driving an Audi A6. The San Antonio Police Department officer issued me three citations at one time. Mr. Coquat got two of the fines substantially reduced, my probation time reduced, and the third citation totally dismissed – all for $300. The lines of communication were really clear and I always got to speak to a lawyer, too. What a concept!

M. Burkhart, Spring Branch:

I had never used a lawyer to fight my speeding tickets before. I will always use The Coquat Law Firm from now on. A Bexar County Sheriff issued me a speeding ticket on Bulverde Rd. in Pct. 3 and wanted me to appear in Pct. 1 for court. Justin Coquat caught the technicality and got my ticket dismissed. I saved a ton of money.

NOTICE: All testimonials listed are actual results achieved for actual traffic ticket clients of The Coquat Law Firm, P.C. Every traffic ticket citation is different and results will vary based upon the jurisdiction and specific facts of the case.


Justin A. Coquat is a founding member of The Coquat Law Firm, P.C. Mr. Coquat has represented clients with Traffic Tickets, Speeding Tickets, CDL Tickets and MIPs for over seven years and has resolved an excess of 2,500 citations. He is a San Antonio native who went to The University of the Incarnate Word and then South Texas College of Law in Houston.

Mr. Coquat represents victims of traffic tickets in the San Antonio Municipal Court, Bexar County Justice of the Peace Courts, Schertz Municipal Court, Selma Municipal Court, Helotes, Hollywood Park, Alamo Heights, Shavano Park and Garden Ridge. He also resolves traffic tickets in other local jurisdictions such as the Helotes Municipal Court, Marion Municipal Court, Elmendorf Municipal Court, Three Rivers Municipal Court, George West Municipal Court and Justice of the Peace Courts in Comal County, Guadalupe County, Atascosa County and Live Oak County .

Mr Coquat can be reached for a free traffic ticket defense consultation at 210-745-2825.

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